Free Printable Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney Forms

Durable power of attorney allows you to handle another person’s financial decisions on their behalf. All decisions made must be to the benefit of the person being represented. The one thing about the durable form that separates it from the rest is that it remains legal in the event the person being represented can no longer think for themselves.

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Durable Power of Attorney Forms – By State

How to Get Durable Power of Attorney?

Step 1 – Download.

Step 2 – Fill it in with the Attorney in Fact (representative) present to make sure you are both in agreement to the terms and conditions.

Step 3 – Authorize the document in front of a Notary Public. You can usually find one at every branch bank in the United States or you can go to and find a qualified person in your area.

The form may only be cancelled if the Principal signs a new power of attorney document or authorizes a cancellation (revocation).

Examples of Use

Examples of monetary decisions include handling of:

  • Banking Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Mail (Including Picking up from P.O Boxes)
  • Automobile Purchases and Sales
  • Choosing Retirement Plans
  • Paying State and Federal Taxes (Although the 2848 form may also be needed)
  • And any other transaction legal in the State where the form is being used.

Sample Durable Power of Attorney