Durable Power of Attorney Connecticut Form – PDF

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Use this Form To: Unconditionally handle another person's financials.
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In Connecticut, through a legal document called the Connecticut Financial Power of Attorney, we can appoint what is called an Attorney-In-Fact to chart the course of our financial affairs and to attend to day-to-day matters. If this important legal device is not proactively taken advantage of, you yourself will no longer have even indirect control over your financial affairs, and the necessary direction may have to be provided by the courts.

Surprisingly, this person need not be a licensed attorney, and in fact, seldom is. The key factors that are applicable to choosing this person are integrity, honesty, and familiarity with you, your values, and the choices you yourself would be most likely to make if were still able to do so. It is also important that Attorney-In-Fact be available locally, because that will make it easier for the chosen individual to handle those needs that are more easily attended to in person rather than over the phone or via fax and or the internet.

In this state, the Financial-Power of Attorney can be devised to take effect immediately. In that case, it must be specified as “durable”, or it becomes invalid just when you most need it, when you become incapacitated.