Durable Power of Attorney Arizona Form – PDF

License / Price: Free
Version: Fillable Adobe PDF (.pdf)
Use this Form To: Elect a friend or family member to take care of all your financials even if you become mentally incapable of thinking for yourself.
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Assign a friend or family member to take the responsibility of handling all of your financials. Once the document is signed and witnessed by a notary public, the person selected may act in any financial decision on your behalf under the laws of Arizona.

This is the only power of attorney form that remains legal even you become in a mental state that no longer permits free thinking.

When the Arizona Financial Power of Attorney is drafted, you choose a person to be your “Agent.” The agent need not be an attorney, but he should live in close enough proximity to you to perform necessary financial tasks if it becomes necessary. It is possible to elect that the agent begin his or her duties immediately; if so, you must stipulate that the agreement is “durable,” or it becomes void when and if a doctor certifies that you are incapacitated. Typically, people opt for a power of attorney that is both “springing” and “durable,” meaning that it only goes into effect after incapacitation.

Arizona Durable Financial Power of Attorney Form (Adobe PDF)