Durable Power of Attorney Illinois Form – Adobe PDF

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Under the Illinois law, the person you name as your Agent does not have to be an actual attorney, but he or she must be a trustworthy person able to grasp the breath and depth of your financial affairs. Local availability is also an important factor in the choice, because much of the job of the Agent is best performed face-to-face with the businesspeople that are part of your financial world. It is a good idea to name an alternate, or ‘second agent’, in case your first choice is unavailable when needed.  Individuals often choose their spouses; if they do so, in Illinois the form terminates if you divorce.

You can revoke the document yourself at any time you are mentally competent. If you set up the agreement to go into effect immediately, it must be designated as a “durable” power of attorney, or it terminates when your physician declares you to be incapacitated.