Medical Power of Attorney Pennsylvania Form – Adobe PDF

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The Health Care Power of Attorney, or Advance Directive, under which you name an individual, also known as your Agent, to make all health care decisions on your behalf only when you cannot do so for yourself. The Agent should share your views on what is appropriate health care, and can doggedly assert those values in the face of others who may hold dissimilar views. Hereto, it is vitally important to choose someone who will be available locally if and when the time comes for quick decisions to be made about your well being. There are a few restrictions regarding whom you may choose as your Agent, such as your physician or anyone who is involved in your health care, may not act on yur behalf due to a conflict of interest (unless the physician is directly related to the principal).

You have the right to decide the type of health care you want through the living will contained in this packet, which allows for your end of life treatments if you should become in a vegetative state.