General Power of Attorney Oregon Form – Adobe PDF

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The Oregon general power of attorney form is used to create a relationship whereas a person, known as the ‘Principal’, appoints a person whom they trust, known as the ‘Agent’,  with unlimited financial power to act on their behalf. After this document has been completed and signed in front of at least two persons (per Oregon law), the person selected will be able to make any kind of financial transaction on behalf of the principal including;

  • Real estate transactions
  • Tangible personal property transactions
  • Bond, share and commodity transactions
  • Banking transactions
  • Business operating transactions
  • Insurance transactions
  • Gifts to charities and individuals other than Attorney-in-Fact (If trust distributions are involved or tax consequences are anticipated, consult an attorney.)
  • Claims and litigation
  • Personal relationships and affairs
  • Benefits from military service
  • Records, reports and statements
  • Full and unqualified authority to my attorney-in-fact to delegate any or all of the foregoing powers to any persons whom my attorney-in-fact shall select
  • All other matters written by the principal

Unlike the durable form, if the principal should become incapacitated or not mentally able to think on their own, this form becomes void.