General Power of Attorney New York Form – Adobe PDF

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Through the New York General Financial Power of Attorney, you name an Agent to steward your financial affairs. Which may be everything from making sure the monthly bills get paid to managing your primary investments. The Agent you choose must not only have your complete trust, but your highest confidence in his or her business skills for when managing your assets. It is a good idea to choose an Agent who can be available locally, and also a to choose an alternate Agent, or secondary, in case your first choice is not available when and if the time comes.

  • Unlike the durable version, this form does not remain in effect if a medical physician deems the principal as being not able to make decisions on their own.


If you choose your spouse as your Agent, note that the agreement doesn’t immediately end upon a divorce. You can revoke the Power of Attorney at any time using the revocation form as long as are mentally competent to do so.

  • As with all power of attorney documents in New York, the form must be notarized or witnessed with at least two persons for the document to take effect