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According to Missouri State Statute 404.622 a person may grant someone else the position to act as his or her health care surrogate through an Advance Directive (Medical Power of Attorney and Living Will).

There are two (2) parts to the Advance Directive;

  • Through the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, you name an Attorney-In-Fact to make all the  decisions in regards to your health care if you should become incapacitated and cannot do them for yourself. You will want to choose a mature steady person who shares your same values and reasoning towards medical treatment options.
  • The Living Will allows for the principal to directly write their intentions if they should become in a state of mind where they can no longer think for themselves and there is no curable way to bring the person back (“vegetative state”).

It is important to note that under State law the agent you select cannot be your physician, nor can it be anyone involved in your healthcare, unless they are related to you or members of the same the same precisely defined religious community.