Medical Power of Attorney Maine Form – Adobe PDF

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An Advance Health Care Directive consists of two separate documents: The Living Will and the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

In the Living Will, you enumerate not only which types of health care procedures you do and do not consent to receive, but also the circumstances in which you choose for those decisions to apply. With the Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, you appoint an Agent to direct the course of you health care while you cannot, whether your incapacitation is permanent or temporary. Typically, individuals appoint their spouse, a close friend or a relative as their Agent. You can’t appoint your physician, or anyone else already professionally involved in your healthcare as your Agent, unless the potential Agent is your relative or spouse. The prime qualities to look for in an Agent are maturity, judgment, and the willingness and ability to stand up for what he or she knows to be your values and wishes in the face of possible opposition from other strong willed people who might disagree. It would also be very helpful if the Agent could be available locally, to interface directly with your health care providers.

  • Under Maine State law the health care power of attorney form needs to be signed with at least two witnesses present or a notary public