General Power of Attorney Louisiana Form – Adobe PDF

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A Power of Attorney, also known as a “Procuration in Louisiana” or “Mandate”, through this document you, the Principal, authorize another, known as an Agent or The Mandatory, the right to make certain decisions in regards to your finances. These decisions carry the force of your own words, and give the Agent very real authority to handle your bank accounts and personal property. You can include language in the Procuration to grant or limit the Agent’s authority as you see fit. Specific authority must be granted if the Agent is to be allowed to borrow or lend money, or to buy or sell real estate.

This form does not remain valid if the Principal should become incapacitated and in Louisiana the power of attorney is “Durable” unless otherwise stated. If you are looking for a form to remain in use during incapacitation or mental incapacity by the Principal the durable version should be downloaded.