Medical Power of Attorney Florida Form – PDF Template

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In Florida, there are two documents, the Designation of Health Care Surrogate and the Living Will, which will allow you to indirectly control your medical care if you become disabled. Without these protections in place, important decisions may well end up being made for you by unsympathetic family members or even by judges who know nothing about you as an individual. In your Living Will, you enumerate under what circumstances you would or would not consent to various types of medical procedures. Within the Designation of Health Care Surrogate, you choose a Health Care Surrogate to make the innumerable decisions about your health care that aren’t enumerated in your living will.

Most people choose their spouse, a blood relative or a close friend to be their Surrogate. The most important factors in choosing your Surrogate, besides honesty and integrity is philosophic compatibility with you on issues of health care. The ability to ague calmly and effectively for what he or she knows you would want is an important factor in choosing a Surrogate. It is also important that the person you choose can be at your bedside if and when the need arises.