DMV Power of Attorney Form Delaware – PDF Template

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Select a person to handle any type of tax filing in relation to a motor vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles (Find a Location). The person selected is allowed to do the following if desired by the principal;

  • Establish new accounts and update information accordingly.
  • Sign and file tax returns for all programs indicated above.
  • Register and renew vehicles.
  • To provide information as requested for the purpose of tax audit(s).
  • To discuss relevant issues pertaining to tax audit(s).
  • To receive correspondence from the Division of Motor Vehicles regarding my tax audit(s) and/or contested case(s).
  • To enter into a written agreement extending the period of limitation during which the tax may be assessed, to accept a notification of the 60 day requirement to obtain records and/or certificates, and to accept a notification of sampling procedure.
  • To provide representation and make oral and written presentations of fact or argument related to my contested case(s).