Medical Power of Attorney Arizona Form – PDF

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Use this Form To: Handle another person's health care decisions in the chance they cannot do so for themselves.
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Arizona medical power of attorney, also referred to as an “Advance Directive”, includes a Living Will which allows you to choose your end-of-life treatment options. You may articulate which types of medical care that you will permit, and such types that you require to be foregone. Because every turn of event can’t be foreseen, the Agent you choose through the health Care Power of Attorney makes the day-to-day health-care decisions for you when you no longer can.

The only legal stipulation in choosing your agent is that the agent must be at least 18 years old. Most people choose their spouse, another close relative, or a friend of many years who is familiar enough with you to know what you yourself would do in any given circumstance. The same criteria you use to choose a financial agent should be applied to choosing a medical representative. They are maturity, trustworthiness, good judgment and proximity; the later because both agents must be close enough to deal face-to-face with those involved with financial and medical manners, respectively.